UG Actuator

The UG-Actuator is a proportional electro-hydraulic actuator which can be used with electronic controls which provide a 20 to 160 mA position signal. The actuator is designed for use with Woodward 2301, 400, 43027, 500-series, and 700-series controls.

The actuator converts a given electrical signal to an output shaft position through the action of a torque motor and follower-type pilot valve. The rotary output actuator has 42 degrees of terminal (output) shaft travel. Recommended travel from the no-load to the full-load position is 2/3 of full actuator travel.

The UG-Actuator is used on diesel, gas, and gasoline engines (also steam and industrial gas turbines) to replace UG-8 type governors, providing the advantages of electronic control and load sharing systems with the convenience of the existing UG-8 type drive and linkage.

The standard UG-Actuator provides a maximum work capacity of 19.4 J (14.3 ft-lb) in the increase direction, and 23.3 J (17.2 ft-lb) in the decrease direction. A special actuator is available which provides 27.1 J (20.0 ft-lb) of work in both directions. Another special actuator is the remote actuator which does not have a drive shaft. Pressurized oil (758–2758 kPa/110–400 psi) must be supplied to the actuator. The remote actuator has 27.1 J (20.0 ft-lb) when supplied with 2758 kPa/400 psi. Work capacity is based on the full 42 degree travel of the terminal (output) shaft. Rated work capacity is 2/3 of maximum work capacity.

The actuator can be built with a low speed pump for speed ranges of 375 to 1100 rpm, or with a high speed pump for 600 to 1500 rpm.

The UG-Actuator is available with an LVDT for position feedback. The LVDT is not available with the MPU option. With the LVDT, the actuator has a 10-pin connector on the cover. The actuator may be equipped with a special gear and magnetic pickup, using the governor drive to sense engine speed. This permits an added convenience when converting from a UG hydraulic-mechanical governor to an electronic control system. Low cranking speeds may require override of the electronic failsafe. The MPU option is not available with the 27.1 J (20.0 ft-lb) work capacity UG-Actuator.

The UG-Actuator output is directly proportional to a 20 to 160 mA signal from an electronic control system.

This manual provides outline drawings to show the base and drive configurations. The outline drawings include information on electrical wiring, installation dimensions, drive requirements, oil requirements, and output shaft dimensions. The drawings are provided for reference only. Do not use the drawings for construction.