Ug 25+ Governor

The Woodward UG-25+ governor is a microprocessor-controlled, mechanical hydraulic amplified, governor for controlling diesel, gas, and dual fuel engines, and steam turbines. Enhanced control capabilities, such as start fuel and boost limiting schemes, are an integral part of the UG-25+ governor. The additional transient fuel limiting (jump-rate) improves the engine load acceptance and reduces transient emissions significantly.

This fast-acting, high-work-output governor has no need for any auxiliary devices such as a start booster or oil cooler. Two work output versions are available.

The UG-25+ offers speed control with software-selectable speed set points, dynamics, fuel limiting, and start behavior. All it takes is a PC to adjust and download configuration data. Front panel and external speed settings make synchronization and load sharing easy for generator applications. A 4 mA to 20 mA speed setting is available for variable speed applications.

Adjustable droop permits load division and balancing among parallel operated prime movers. Droop can be set with a knob on the front panel between 010. The load limiter knob allows you to limit the governor output manually. The UG-25+ uses a 1034 kPa (150 psi) internal operating pressure with an internal oil pump driven from the governor’s drive shaft, available in either a keyed or serrated configuration. Oil pressure is maintained by a relief valve system with a drain to an internal oil sump.

Control features:

  • State-of-the-art speed sensing and control algorithms
  •  Enhanced PID dynamics
  • Configurable speed settings and adjustment rates
  • Multiple fuel limiting algorithms, such as jump-rate, boost pressure, and start fuel limiting
  • Comprehensive diagnostics for easy troubleshooting
  • The UG-25+ is a drop-in replacement for UG-8 and 3161 governors and combines all the advantages of a traditional mechanical governor with the state-of-the-art control algorithms for optimal engine operation.